Evolvi - The corporate rail specialist

The rail API trusted by leading brands

The Evolvi API, developed by our web services team, is trusted by brands across business and leisure markets, both in the UK and overseas.

We help drive value for customers through the rapid co-development of platforms integrating our API technology, creating smarter rail solutions for travel management company portals, online booking tools, global distribution systems and expense packages.

Our offer goes way beyond access to the widest range of fare types, through the development of bespoke functionality that creates a stand-out market proposition.

API customers also have access to test environments, administration functions, auto refunds and comprehensive reporting.

"Capita Travel and Events and Vibe have been working together to integrate Vibe into the iris travel technology platform. A key element of this project was access for our customers to a smart rail booking and fulfilment engine, and as a long-term user of Evolvi, we were very keen that their API be specified in the Vibe offer."

-Capita Travel & Events

Functionality Checklist

  • Best available UK rail fares
  • Search functionality and journey retrieval
  • Seat & sleeper reservations
  • Policy rule setting & compliance
  • Cancellation of unticketed bookings
  • Multiple bookings basket
  • Add-On options, such as a Travelcard or PlusBus